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Brand Identity


Art direction + design execution

Concept ideation + digital design 
Traditional graphic design projects
Support + development of brand identity
Rebranding + updates
Print + Digital marketing
Content creation

Casual Work Meeting

Define and develop your company’s essence so clients know your point. Brand Identity is the intersection of your look and feel; it's your company DNA and your way of interacting with customers. It is where your culture, products, and services connect with your audience.




Create an updated logo and color palette. Create sales slick PDF to provide information for the jet being sold and develop coordinating webpage. Provide branding consultation during phases of development. 

PJet Sample



Several projects were developed for RemZzzs, who makes a CPAP mask liner. This piece is a table top promotional piece which they mailed to distribution centers. It is an optimal value piece and won't quickly go to the trash bin. The task was to utilize color schemes which connected with the logo and to develop language to communicate with that particular client type. See our design samples for more. 

The larger project (see design samples) required development of 4 persona marks for internal use within the company. Each mark has its unique color and symbolism, yet stands together as a whole with the company logo. 

Brand Identity Logo Design
Rem Sample
Startup Business Brand Identity



Create and develop a full brand concept for Cornerstones Global, including logo, color palette, and language. Provide branding consultation during initial launch and phases of development. Provide initial product photoshoot. Design a single webpage and a secondary full website utilizing these essential visual communication elements. 



Chef Kovelle's restaurant is an upscale jazz bar and seafood lounge. Their needs were for a logo, stationary, and an indoor pictogram system for use within the restaurant signage. 

Restaurant Brand Identity

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” 
— Seth Godin

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