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In 2020, we hired Design Ripe to redesign our logo, develop sales material, and design websites for us. We needed a fresh brand identity and they delivered! Working with Jena was a fun and rewarding experience. She listened well to help us actualize the visual concepts we discussed and working with her was like having our own in-house designer.


She has a collaborative approach and worked closely with our strategic team to understand our goals. She incorporated our ideas into her designs and wrote headlines and content which we loved – giving us another way to delight our clients!


It was refreshing to work with Jena at Design Ripe; the imagination, talent, and experience she provided helped us reach our clients in beautiful ways!!

Jamie Thomas

President + Founder
Paradise Jets | Scottsdale, AZ

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Our business, Colorado Taekwondo Institute, had Jena do some work for us in 2019. We absolutely loved working with Jena on our new logo!  We needed a new logo and had zero ideas of where we wanted to go with it.

We gave Jena our old logo and just asked her to run with it. She then presented our business with multiple options. From there, we were able to pick several we liked and give her direction on changes we wanted to make and details to add, etc. She then came back with several options and color schemes.


Once we settled on a logo for our business, she made sure to get us the file in multiple color schemes and in all the possible file extensions we could ever need.


Our whole experience with Jena was amazing!  She inspired our design and was also collaborative and productive.


Jena attentively listened to our detailed feedback and worked her magic to produce a digital logo that we absolutely LOVE and that represents our Colorado family-run business beautifully.


From start to finish, the process went smoothly and without a hitch.  Jena really knows her stuff, and our business would use her again in a heartbeat.  I will personally use her services if and when I need them as well!

Alice Meyung

Black Belt Instructor
Colorado Taekwondo Institute | Lakewood, CO

Forest Road

I have been fortunate to work with Jena at Design Ripe over the past few months to bring my business ideas to the digital/graphic world. The list of services she provided — and developed with excellence — was truly top-notch. Each meeting was enjoyable as two creative minds brainstormed together to bring out the best my business can provide and has to offer. I truly felt like it was a team effort and my ideas were heard yet expanded upon to bring the best forward.


Jena's creativity and marketing expertise shines forth in her design for my logo development, website content and visual presentation, and professional photography featured throughout my website to just name a few. This whole experience exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with Jena again with future endeavors.

Michelle Chamberlain

Cornerstones Global | Castle Rock, CO


Meet the personalities
you get to work with

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Jena Rutan

Creative Director + Founder

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Jena's inspiration is to help our clients convey their expertise and stand out from their competition with creative and meaningful imagery and words. A visualizer, storyteller, a beautifier, and an actualizer with over twenty years experience in visual art and design. She brings the structure of a graphic designer, the passion of a storyteller, the heartbeat of a musician, and the trained eye of a photographer into every project. 

Jena excels while developing creative ideas and delivering stellar solutions that delight and impress our clients. She is inspired by the innovative process of creating visual art that simultaneously meets our clients ideas and goals. She loves the mental and creative challenge of working together to solve their unique purpose and needs. The relationships she develops with our clients are at the heart of her creative process. 

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Adam Rutan

Director of Client Relations + Co-founder

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Adam is passionate to help our clients identify their growth opportunities and leverage their strengths. A connector, promoter, treasure hunter, and optimizer with over twenty years experience in business development. He brings the persistence of an awarded sales achiever, the charisma of a networker, adaptability of a startup leader, and the big vision of a maverick into every meeting. 

Adam is motivated to see our clients learn new ways to articulate how they can help their customers with their service, idea, or product. He thrives when he is helping them finesse their negotiation skills to close the deal they worked hard for and scale their business! 

Mission Values


Fueled by our values

Mountain Road

We beautify the world by providing entrepreneurs with a complete business identity to reflect their abilities, their personality, and their essence; we equip our clients with visual design and strategic support which help them better serve their clients. 



The essential element which ignites creativity, is fueled by talent, is shaped with training and results in wonder. Innovative solutions depend on imagination.


Purpose and vision are built upon mutual respect, space for authenticity, and honest collaboration. Great work cannot be developed without trust.


Within a love of learning, acts of service, and cultivation of wisdom we nurture curiosity and encourage exploration. The path toward beauty is dependent on growth.


An internal posture which allows understanding, facilitates refinement, and provides space for inspiration. Virtue sought in relational form is found in grace.


Vision for our families, intentionality, and boldness to live out the unalienable rights bestowed by our Creator. We unveil purpose in our daily work because of legacy. 

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