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Website Design


Art direction + design execution
Content creation
Rebranding + updates

Web design is one essential element to your brand. Communicating with your dream client must be done with tasteful photography, thoughtful language, and an overall cohesiveness which conveys your essence. Everyone has a website these days; is yours doing the job you need it to do? Create market space for your business with purposeful art direction. 


The Valhalla website needed to highlight the yacht, its amenities, and adventure options, while also informing prospective vacationers about the exemplary service they will receive. It was essential to display this information in a tranquil, inspirational, and beautiful showcase in order to communicate the high level of experience they may expect.

The design goal was to provide a tropical feel with each page, to show fine details, and to use an image rich approach. Design Ripe also developed some of the headlines and helped with content creation. 



The purpose in this website, was to accurately describe through words and images, the capabilities, purpose, and advantages Cornerstones Global brings to their clients. To harness and communicate the various aspects of opportunity Cornerstones provides for each client. To ultimately funnel viewers into an engagement, to gather potential client emails, and develop enthusiasts into purchasing clients or word of mouth friends who will share their good experience.


The client requested a website to match the style of the sales slick. The website was designed to promote the sale of this plane and to provide information for the jet being sold to potential buyers.  Another component of this project was to provide branding consultation during phases of development. 

Plant Nursery

“Brand is the holistic sum of customers’ experiences, composed of visual, tonal and behavioral brand components, many of which are shaped by interaction design.”
— Kate Kaplan

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