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Strategic Alliances


Sales coaching + training
Define business culture
Develop growth goals + plan steps to get there  
Entrepreneurial "trail guide"


Step out of the “W2 worldview” into entrepreneurial mastery. Define and refine your strategy; grow your sales by upgrading your technique and enhancing your systems. Design Ripe supports your business growth with our multifaceted team.


Many of our clients are on a new or evolving business venture — some are shifting from a previous career, some are scaling their long standing efforts. They bring expertise and experience in their unique areas, and yet they often come from a W2 worldview: the employee life.


Our clients are hungry to be self sufficient business owners, and want support as they practice their new venture. Ready to explore their dreams and use their amazing skills to support their family, they don’t always know where to begin. We don't claim to know everything, but we are willing to share all we know!


Our clients are amazing and inspiring people. Every day people who want freedom. Stepping out of comfort they wander into unknowns. Some have thrown their college education, their professional reputation, and their 401k savings into their ideas – just for a chance to make a change. To have the freedom to prioritize their own life. 

Team Task
Lead presentations during meetings


That's right around the time they find Design Ripe. Our clients are fascinating and brave. With unique ideas and inspiring stories, they come looking for a logo. They leave with more. 


More definition. More strategy. More purpose. 

They sometimes want to hear from another entrepreneur. They want help finding language that will resonate with their dream client. They want an image and colors that reinforce their values. They may want practical steps and “best practice” advice as they set up new habits and systems. They want coaching to help turn their ideas into quantifiable sales. They want to know that they are on the right track, they want recommendations to think over, and they want clarity as they move into their new position as a “business owner.”​


“It's stunning to me what kind of an impact even one person can have if they have the right passion, perspective and are able to align the interest of a great team.” 
— Steve Case

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